Hastings College Foundation Launches Business Fund


Business and economics students gather in the Jack Kramer Study Center in the Fleharty Educational Center.

A new giving society at the Hastings College Foundation will recognize two legendary business professors while supporting experiential learning projects in the Department of Business and Economics.

The Dudley-Doerr Society for Business and Economics, named for emeriti business professors Dr. Phillip Dudley and Roger Doerr, will create a network of alumni who support the department with their time and resources.

“Of the nearly 13,000 alumni at Hastings College, about 1,800 had a major or minor in the Department of Business and Economics,” said Gary Freeman, executive vice president for external relations. “Through the Dudley-Doerr Society, business alumni can help current students prepare for the workplace by gaining practical, hands-on skills.”

In addition to teaching in the business/economics department, Dudley and Doerr served in key leadership roles at Hastings College for many years. Dudley was president of Hastings College from 2000 to 2011 and currently serves as a major gift officer at the Hastings College Foundation. Doerr, a trustee of Hastings College, was president of the Hastings College Foundation from 1996 to 2003.

The Dudley-Doerr Society’s giving opportunities include the “Experiential Learning Fund,” which helps prepare business/economics majors through experiences outside the traditional classroom, such as internships, business conferences, entrepreneurial ventures, and business-related research.

Students of at least sophomore standing who are majoring in one or more business areas will be invited to apply for funding in the range of $100 to $2,500. Faculty will select recipients based on students’ academic achievement and potential for success, among other criteria.

Another opportunity is the “Talent Pool,” where business students are paired with local employers for training and mentoring in the fall and internships in the spring or summer. The employers will meet with business students to address topics essential to workplace success, such as time management and leadership, and review students’ resumes and interview them for internship opportunities. 

Numerous surveys find that employers place a high value on experiential learning. For example, the Chronicle of Higher Education found that employers place more weight on candidates’ experiences, especially internships and employment, than on their grade point averages or college majors.

“We are eager to provide meaningful work experiences related to business students’ academic majors and career aspirations,” Freeman said. “The Dudley-Doerr Society provides an avenue for us to achieve that goal.”

Gifts to the “Experiential Learning Fund” or “Talent Pool” can be directed to current expenses or permanent endowment.

Other gift opportunities include classroom technology for the Fleharty Educational Center and endowed funds for a professorship in finance.

For more information on the Dudley-Doerr Society for Business and Economics, contact Freeman at (402) 960-8012 or at gfreeman@hastings.edu.


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